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Shipping & Returns

Before returning the item to us, please read and follow the instructions below. You can also contact our customers on behalf of the customer we serve the owners will be happy to serve you.

Make sure you understand the return policy to make sure that all the standard physics you send before the thing comes back to us.

1. We provided a mechanical failure, except for man-made damage to the warranty for 180 days. We advise you to provide us with your questions. Many questions can be fixed or self-adjusted.

During the warranty period, we will repair your product, provided that the project has production defects. The item (s) is the phase of the item (s) that our order incorporates.

Improper handling by customer goods: Warranty will no longer occur for the following events. Any form of irrational wear. Causing damage to the human body.

Of the existing mail instructions (waiting to return home) specific question: no return will be accepted.

2. In some cases, you may request a refund or replacement within 14 days of receipt of the original date.

3. If you would like the item, please contact our return address. Your name, address, email, order number, mobile phone, please call: The returned item must contain the following information.

4. If the product delivery is damaged, the wrong delivery or the mismatch mode, the replacement or the refund is 100% guaranteed. However, we have caused malicious acts not to bear any responsibility (customer / I) damage, replacement or refund will be rejected.

5. Send the picture to the buyer to prove that some of the defects are damaged.

6. will be restored to the original state will be accepted, the project contest (s) is recorded in our order item (s).

7. If you return back and change, and non-quality in a case, in addition to shipping costs, we will deduct 9% of the total number of% of you to give you a refund or other product (or refund the balance of the product for each item).

8. All the pictures on our website are made by our digital photos. Due to lighting conditions and backgrounds, they can be a bit different from what they are in the real world. This does not apply because of a replacement or a refund.

9. Prices may change from season to change our promotions. Price changes will not be due to replacement or refund applications.

10. In the case of exchange, return to the starting material and provide the following serial number for us, at subsequent links. We had one time we received a return to the new product sent to you.

11. Where refunds, please note that this product should be sent to us, providing serial number tracking and tracking. When the product arrives, we will refund it immediately.

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After all, the product has three controls that they provide to our customers. Remember your logistics signature before checking the product at the entrance. If it is bad, or no purchase, please refuse to accept the product. Please contact us immediately and communicate with us.

If the product is due to the customer does not sign the return of the reason, will return the order of the total requirement to provide transportation and loading 9% deduction. In other words, part of the refund will be given to the above situation. In addition to re-supply customers to pay shipping.

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